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Founded in 2006 we provide companies and institutions with solutions to all aspects related to the conservation, security and accessibility of archived documents. Our job is to archive, manage and preserve your company's documents in order to protect them, combining security, quality, flexibility and secrecy.

We are pioneers in various methods for the custody and management of document collections, ensuring that such are completely organised, responsive and reliable.

Besides physical space our customers gain from quality management and standardisation of archiving methods within a completely secure and organised structure.

We collect and deliver your documents to your business quickly and efficiently whenever you need them or where desired forward them digitally.

Headquartered in Joinville the Document Warehouse serves businesses at the local, regional and national level. Our portfolio boasts segments such as the Mechanical Industry, Metallurgy, Plastics, Health, Education, Food, and the Service Sector in general, in addition to large scale companies and multinationals.

The role of your business is not document organisation. Ours is!



To value, preserve and guarantee permanent access to documentary information belonging to our customers, by means of technical solutions and services, together with excellence in document management.

To exceed the expectations our customers, creating positive dynamics between all those involved in such processes, constructing a base for competitiveness and the business success of Document Storage.



To be the best document management and security company in the region.



To administer the company with appropriate ethics in such a manner as to act like a responsible citizen. Create along with our employees a relationship of commitment and responsibility. Aim to achieve profitability as needed for sustainable development of the company.



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