Memória 9.0


The history of your company deserves to be preserved from the actions of time and
organized in a systematic way, thus allowing easy access and sharing; queries and
searches through keywords, dates and even names. The Memory Store has a team
specialized in these activities, so we guarantee all the care and organization that the
collection of your company deserves. We also offer the physical storage service of your files, with all the necessary security and discretion.


Provide parents and family members of your institution's students with the
opportunity to periodically follow up the work done in the classroom. The Memory
Store has a unique and differentiated system, which allows even physical productions
such as mockups, posters, artworks, medals, among others to be scanned. Ensure the
preservation of the work done by your team and students through the years and have
an online collection always at your disposal.


The memories of your family play a key role, of telling your story and your ascendants
through the generations. Do not miss important photographic records, footage and
documents, gather all of them in a safe place, which allows easy access and
preservation of the actions of the time. Enjoy with your family and friends your best
moments and memories in high definition wherever and whenever you want.

Contact us to learn more about our services and the benefits of using the Memory
Warehouse to store your images and documents.

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